AlphaGuilty partners with 3air to enhance marketing potential and growth

We’re excited to announce that AlphaGuilty, the platform for launching crypto and NFT projects, has partnered with 3air, the blockchain-based internet connectivity platform. The partnership will enhance the marketing potential of both partners and enable the mutual growth of the audience. As a result, AlphaGuilty and 3air are hoping to widen communities and foster the growth of our products.

3air has proven its input to the development of DeFi by bringing high-speed broadband internet to underserved regions and enabling more users to enter the digital economy. Once connected, 3air’s blockchain platform offers users to own a digital identity, staking opportunities, take micro-loans and participate in revenue-generating activities.

AlphaGuilty, from its side, continues its mission on making web3 and DeFi accessible for each internet user. The partnership will provide these goals to an even wider global audience.

“We have been firm believers in Africa’s potential to impact global economies. We also believe in blockchain technology and the DeFi innovations that have evolved from it. The 3air platform combines all these elements though our own native infrastructure as well as forward-thinking and impactful partners like AlphaGuilty. We are delighted to have them on this mission and the future looks brighter with innovative projects like ours working together,” — said Sandi Bitenc, CEO at 3air.

“We’re thrilled to start this new journey with 3air, carrying the same values and ideas, and willing to contribute to the development of the global digital economies. Just like our new partner, AlphaGuilty strongly believes in the future of blockchain and web3. By fostering these technologies, we want to make a more sustainable and equal digital future for everyone”, — said Mikhail Sitalo, CEO of AlphaGuilty.

About 3air

3air is a blockchain-based platform with the goal of bringing broadband connectivity and financial inclusion to the next billion. Using proprietary K3 Last Mile technology, 3air delivers affordable, high-speed, and stable broadband internet, digital TV, and IP telephony to users. Once connected, 3air’s blockchain platform empowers users to become financially independent with easy access to digital services, identity management, payments, credit line building and micro-loans.

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About AlphaGuilty

AlphaGuilty is a P4A multichain launcher with proof of allocation. AlphaGuilty offers unique engagement tools for users to promote community participation. It allows users to purchase allocation spots without lotteries or whitelists, invest in multi-package boxes, and participate in the AlphaLoyalty program to earn more tokens and profit from AlphaGuilty and its partners. Smart reminders help users to catch up with upcoming crypto events (meetups, webinars, pre-sales, etc.) with secret group membership options for KOLs and investors.

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