AlphaQuest Feature Flow

Today, we want to get you acquainted with AlphaQuest Feature Flow. It’s a scheme of the way an AlphaQuest member can make during the program to increase the level and receive more rewards.

Our flow includes the core features of the loyalty program, such as tasks and quests, staking and boosting your tier, etc. This article can be used as a go-to guide for AlphaQuest newcomers. Let’s start!

1. To become a member of AlphaQuest, a user just needs to visit our website.

2. On the website, we will offer to join the loyalty program — it’s easy, only a several clicks!

3. After confirmation and a little data check, the user becomes a member of AlphaQuest and receives his first 10 points. The ‘Little Alpha’ achievement unlocked!

4. Then, we will ask the user to proceed to our AlphaQuest homepage with detailed instructions and explanations how it works.

5. Users can scroll through our various tasks & quests, and read their description. There is no need to accept them immediately, just be aware of active tasks and quests.

6. Are you a real challenger? Try to complete all the active tasks and quest properly and on time, and set the Quest streak.

7. By completing tasks and quests, users receive rewards: the amount of points varies depending on the difficulty and rarity of a challenge.

8. Staking is another core feature of the loyalty program. Users can stake tokens and/or NFTs to earn passive income and support our economy. The reward for staking depends on the period (7, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days), and can bring you up to 500 points.

9. All the information about the active tasks and quests, staking conditions, personal achievements, current tier and level of the user will be available in the account page. Check it regularly to be aware of your progress!

The AlphaQuest program is a core feature of our community and social hub. This unique attribute allows AlphaGuilty users to become a real part of our product, helping our ecosystem grow better, stronger and improve each day.