AlphaQuest Is Live. Get Started With Your First Tasks!

The AlphaQuest program is a core feature of our community & social hub. By joining the program, AlphaGuilty users become a real part of our product. Each member can help our ecosystem grow better, stronger and improve each day, increasing our mutual value and value of all our projects.

AlphaQuest is now excited to onboard its early birds!

Here’s the list of the actual tasks for our program members, with the sizes of rewards:

1. Firstcomer. Just visit AlphaGuilty website and become a little Alpha with your first 10 points!

2. Follower. Follow AlphaGuilty on Twitter to get a higher reward — 30 points.

3. First gossip. Tell your friends about AlphaGuilty on Twitter with @ mention — 50 points.

4. Famed Ape. Retweet AlphaGuilty post on Twitter and get more points!

5. Refer a friend. Are you friendly enough to bring more little Alphas on board? Dare to try! — 60 points.

6. Discord landed! Join AlphaGuilty on Discord — 30 points.

7. Discord Ape. Show how Apey you are on our Discord! Engage in conversations, level up, and get your points! — 20 points.

8. Product Ape. Suggest a cool feature for our product, and get from 10 to 250 points!

9. Scholar Ape. Write an article for our blog, send us the link, and get your reward — from 10 to 400 points.

10. Brainy Ape. Are you strong enough to handle our riddle? Get points for the right solution.

11. Treasure hunter. Are you good enough at finding secret treasures? The reward will be yours!

12. Quiz Ape. Just answer the questions and receive points!

13. Zoomer Ape. Just watch a suggested video to get your 30 points!

14. Boomer Ape. Read a suggested article to get 30 points!

15. Nextdoor visit. Fancy a visit to our beloved partner, and receive 10 extra points!

16. Crypto insider. Become our crypto insider! Send us the latest trending and interesting projects we might launch, and you will be awarded — from 10 to 750 points.

17. KOL Ape. Spread the word about AlphaGuilty, and receive even more points!

18. Creator Ape. Create NFT and submit it! Your creativity will be highly awarded!

19. Partner hunter. Send us companies that might become our partners, and get your reward — from 10 to 500 points.

20. Creative mind. Bring new creative thoughts into our marketing activities! Share your ideas with us — get rewarded from 10 to 300 points.

We welcome each crypto enthusiast who loves interesting tasks and challenges and wants to be a part of a rewarding ecosystem of AlphaGuilty. Start your journey with AlphaLoyalty right now!

Learn more about AlphaQuest values, goals and core features in this article.