Although Aptos blockchains are generating a lot of excitement in the cryptocurrency world, how good they really are? A collective effort of more than 300 engineers developed the Aptos blockchain, which intends to revitalize the L1 with fresh concepts for consensus, reliability, efficiency, and decentralization.

The most discussed and known cryptocurrency project in the past few years is Aptos Blockchain, if you take a look at it at the moment. Next, we’ll go into more depth about APT tokens, Aptos, and airdrops.

Describing Aptos.

The algorithm called “Aptos BFT consensus”  serves as the foundation for the blockchain platform known as Aptos. The team at Aptos Labs resorted to the help of Diem staff while creating this project. Smart contracts are developed using a special programming language named Move.

An over $300 million investment was also obtained by the Labs team in 2022. Their blockchain may perform operations at a rate of more than 160,000 per second, thanks to the employment of unique execution technologies. Additionally, engineers assert that the delay is under a second.

The best way to obtain the Aptos token.

APT, the native token of Aptos, was airdropped to members of the community in 2022. Over 100,000 users received an overall amount of 20 million tokens, as reported by Aptos Foundation.

Today, the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase, offer Aptos tokens for purchase. With AlphaQuest, there is an additional choice. To be eligible for a next retrodrop and have an opportunity to receive some Aptos tokens, just finish the tasks.

What distinguishes Aptos from others?

For the constantly evolving Web3 market, Aptos is intended to be an adaptive, simple-to-update platform. Users, programs, and smart contracts may all communicate with each other over the network thanks to the MoveVM.

Additionally, Aptos’ modular design enables the network to be divided into conditional parts for quick app deployment and new Web3 solution usage methods. Additionally, it enables testing of updates on the protocol level without necessitating network shutdown.