Detrash CEO: DeFi eases investor skepticism about crypto!

This week, we had a chance to talk with Philipp Teles von Hauenschild, CEO of Detrash. We discussed the impact DeFi had on investors, and asked him whether DeFi succeeded in changing the overall vision of traditional investments.

In which way do you find DeFi revolutionary?

It is the first time humanity can have a truly global, secure and permissionless financial system. Add to this revolution the fact that it makes economic coercion and concentrated economic power avoidable.

Do you think DeFi has changed investors’ skeptical perception of crypto?

To a certain degree. High volatility is still something that inspires skepticism from both retail and institutionals.

Will there be more investments in DeFi from traditional players, such as VC?

Definitely! We are seeing an ever increasing number of DeFi dedicated funds being structured by VCs.

In your opinion, what issues about DeFi do traditional investors find the most challenging?

From what I perceived, there’s volatility and UX issues to the traditional retail investors, and an added lack of mature compliance issue for traditional institutional investors.

How can DeFi contribute to the global economy?

As a truly scalable wealth generation and distribution system, DeFi can make the global economy more agile and finally working within deflationary financial infrastructures. If adoption continues to decentralize as well we’ll see a much more resilient and transparent global economy.

As an industry expert, CEO of Detrash has a positive vision of the future of DeFi, and predicts more interest for DeFi from traditional investors.

Let’s thank Philipp Teles von Hauenschild for such informative and upbeat answers!