Discussing the ways to overcome the difficulties of advertising crypto on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has a tumultuous history of relations with crypto and blockchain technology. They have previously made declarations explicitly forbidding companies from running crypto-related advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. But other times, they’ve asserted that the restriction didn’t actually happen and that entrepreneurs shouldn’t be concerned about it. Facebook even went so far as to launch “Libra”, its own crypto project. Many companies are unsure if it is viable to promote cryptocurrencies on Facebook due to all the previous unclear replies.

Are there any ways to promote cryptocurrencies on Facebook?

The answer to the issue concerning whether there are any opportunities to promote your crypto on Facebook is, like many other questions in this area, “it depends”. It is unclear what Facebook’s official position is on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. In just a few years, the company has evolved from publicly denouncing Facebook as a risky tool for money laundering to the idea of developing their own cryptocurrency, called “Libra”. Facebook appears to have reverted to its prior position: “Crypto is something bad,” following a long period of regulatory opposition concerning the ‘Libra’ project. Facebook argues that its actual advertising policy does not explicitly prohibit blockchain project advertisements, but in most cases, permission is required.

What specialists advise.

According to the data that FB made publicly available, it’s reasonable to believe that the majority of blockchain projects that are not hosting an ICO or providing
something dubious shouldn’t have any issues. But pioneers in this area have the opposite opinion.

They assert that FB’s advertising policy, which is posted on their website, is mostly a PR ploy. Over the years, they worked on a tonne of fantastic blockchain campaigns, and not a single rejection from FB was received. They succeeded in getting a campaign authorized, but it was quickly taken down every time. In addition, used accounts were permanently banned.

It is also important to mention that none of the projects that have been turned down have broken FB’s guidelines for crypto

Is it possible to promote crypto on Instagram?

Instagram, which is owned by FB, has an identical position on cryptocurrency advertisements. CoinTracker, a provider of software that can help you work with
portfolios and collect data for tax reporting on crypto, is one that, for a brief period of time, was successful in getting crypto adverts on Instagram. From this
perspective it seems that the majority of companies shouldn’t rely on this platform to advertise their products.

Entrepreneurs and companies are searching for alternative strategies to increase recognition and to attract new users now that advertising giants like FB and
Instagram are essentially out of the picture. The following are some of the possible options:

Firs one in our list is Twitter.

This platforms guidelines for advertisement have recently become more flexible. It continues to be a feasible alternative for cryptocurrency advertisers trying to increase
their company’s visibility through a programatic platform.


It is another Pay Per Click advertising choice for cryptocurrency businesses. Although, account suspensions are uncommon, and ad variations are infrequently
restricted, Google Ads still offers the possibility of generating a positive ROAS.

Promotion with the help of influencers.
Such a marketing approach is deemed one of the most preferred methods in this area since it enables companies to avoid the requirement for ad
approval from social platforms like FB and Instagram.


This approach is another highly common area of attention for marketers involved in crypto promotion. Since SEO enables organic and consistent traffic and doesn’t
require approval from any of the previously mentioned platforms.

How about display ads?

Such advertisements may be run on multiple publishers’ and news websites with CPM rates comparable to Google ads.