DOME: Arena to become the first-ever user of AlphaQuest program by Alpha Guilty

We’re excited to announce that DOME: Arena 3D battlefields has partnered with AlphaGuilty, a launchpad for crypto & NFT projects, to join its loyalty program and become a part of the AlphaGuilty ecosystem. This step is hoped to enhance the communities of both projects, as well as contribute to their development and promotion on the DeFi & GameFi markets.

DOME: Arena will be the ever first participant of AlphaQuest, a program that the launchpad has recently introduced as a core feature of its community and social hub. As an early bird, DOME: Arena will enjoy all the program’s benefits for free.

AlphaQuest is designed as a rewarding ecosystem where each member is equally engaged in the project’s development. Its participants complete various functional tasks and quests and earn points, upping their levels and discovering even more opportunities as AlphaGuilty’s partner.

By joining the program, DOME: Arena will access such benefits as:

  • More accessible investment in NFT and P2E projects under AlphaGuilty’s management;
  • Rewards system with leaderboards and tiers;
  • No whitelists, fair allocation for crypto projects and sales.

DOME: Arena is grateful to find such a partner as AlphaGuilty. Our project will become a part of something big: an experienced ecosystem with multiple cool features, which will open new possibilities for us in web3. Great times ahead

— commented Alex C., CEO of DOME: Arena

We are thrilled to be onboarding our first AlphaQuest user, as well as excited to become partners with the DOME: Arena metaverse, who are carrying the same values. Together we can do much more for our projects

— said Mykhailo Sitalo, CEO of Alpha Guilty

Working within AlphaQuest, DOME: Arena, and AlphaGuilty will foster a better and more robust growth of the two ecosystems, increasing the mutual value and value of both projects.

About DOME: Arena

Arena is a numerous 3D gaming battlefield within DOME — the metaverse that unites web 3.0 games and the crypto community through a single cross-game protocol and NFT circulation ecosystem. Arena is based on the play-to-earn model and allows users to get income. Arena’s MVP is ready, and the full commercial launch is expected in the next few months.

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About Alpha Guilty

Alpha Guilty (previously CPAD) is an all-in-one solution to launch and promote NFT and play-to-earn projects. Alpha Guilty is a part of Cosima Capital, a crypto fund that brought together professional managers and analysts with several years of experience in capital and cryptocurrency markets. It actively invests funds in up-and-coming projects and helps them grow with marketing promotion and team-building support.

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