How to Build an NFT Community

Few would argue with the statement that 2021 was the year of the NFTs breakthrough. As a consequence, real NFT communities began to emerge. NFTs continue to grow in popularity, so the question of how to build an NFT community is becoming more and more common among those involved in crypto. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. If you want to learn even more about NFTs – check out this ultimate guide to them by our CEO, Mykhailo Sitalo!

What do we know about these communities?

Building any community should begin with basic concepts. NFT communities are no exception to the rule. Anyone who is interested can be called a community member. No, not that, anyone who has anything to do with NFTs. First of all, they are crypto enthusiasts who share their ideas. It is they who become the creators of NFTs. Then fans emerge who spread the new idea to social media platforms, the most popular of which are Discord, Facebook, and even Twitter spaces. Needless to say, crypto communities often grow into real NFT communities, which successfully develop not only in Discord. It is safe to say that NFTs will remain in the crypto world for more than one year, which means we need to think about development.

What makes great NFT communities?

Things that make a great NFT community:

  • The first and most important thing is the interest in NFTs and crypto. A good Discord community would be a great example. Their users can freely express their thoughts and suggestions. 
  • The main task of the creators is to bring ideas to life. If you have ideas on how to develop NFTs and you understand crypto, feel free to join themed groups on social media platforms.
  • As you have already realized, building an NFT community is not an easy task. It’s not enough to create a channel on Discord. You have to involve people who can generate good ideas. 
  •  If a moderator can lead the channel, it is you who must answer questions and announce updates. You can organize conferences in Discord and hold them in the AMA format. Organize small raffles to make the atmosphere more lively. Believe me, your crypto community will only benefit from this.

If you can build a community for your NFT project, you will attract not only fans but also investors. In addition, a real crypto legend can join you, and this already increases your value several times over. NFT community takeaway points:

  • What do you want to accomplish? As with groups that deal with crypto, a successful NFT community cannot be created without a goal. Also, remember that there can’t be people among the crypto community members who aren’t interested in it. So the principle here will be the same as in a crypto community. You need to define a goal and find people who are really committed.
  • What social media do you use to communicate? When we talk about NFT projects, Discord and Telegram immediately come to mind. They are very popular because they are convenient and allow you to communicate without restrictions. Discord definitely wins here, because it was originally created for voice communication, while Telegram is very popular among those who rotate in the crypto sphere. However, you should also consider Twitter and Reddit. You might also consider creating an Instagram profile, which will allow new members of your NFT space to get to know the backstage. Crypto creators often take advantage of this option.
  • Are you ready to take an active part in the development of the NFT project and communicate with the audience? If not, then it will be very difficult for you, because as in the case of crypto communities you will be asked a lot of questions. In addition, the NFT marketplace is constantly changing, and you will need to talk about how you are adapting to it. In addition, you will need to earn the trust of users, because many people are still cautious about NFTs. This sphere appeared later than crypto, so you need to be as open and transparent as possible.

Why are NFT communities important?

The answer is very simple: without them, there would be no NFT marketplace. As in the case of crypto, an NFT project becomes successful when the hype around it is understood. This, in turn, attracts buy-in and brings additional traffic to your profile.

Do you need to participate in the crypto NFT community? Yeah, sure. Not even that. You must be part of it.

You’re not just creating a project as a hobby, are you? If so, remember that potential buyers will judge it first and foremost by the community, so if you manage to create one, your chances become much higher. That’s what should encourage you to get better.


Now you know how you can build your NFT community and make it grow. Don’t miss your chance and take action!