How to find new crypto coins

Almost every day new crypto projects appear and sometimes this process is difficult to follow, especially for newcomers in the field of blockchain technology. These can be both new coins and tokens of an already promoted developer, as well as assets with almost no capitalization and losing their cost in a moment.

So, today we will cover the topic of finding new crypto in detail. We will also talk about ICOs and IDOs, which are related to the emergence of tokens on the market.

How do I get new cryptocurrencies and crypto projects?

Some people manage to find promising new crypto coins, invest in them in time, and make a profit. To find new crypto, you need to check many sources and find announcements or listings. If you are interested in making a profitable investment in new coins and tokens and want to choose a suitable option, you can use these ways:

  • Before tokens and coins appear on exchanges, they are often first presented as Initial Coin Offerings or Initial Dex Offerings. This is a great chance for investors to become part of a crypto project before it goes public and enters the mass market. Various platforms present future crypto projects with promising coins and tokens, including ICO Bench, Top ICO List, and CoinGecko.
  • CoinMarketCap is probably the most popular source for analyzing the whole market with new crypto projects or following only certain coins and tokens. This resource provides many useful tools that are suitable for forming a portfolio. And this platform also helps follow the release of new cryptocurrencies.
  • If you are an investor and an active user of cryptocurrency exchanges, you can follow listings in crypto projects news. Announcements with new cryptocurrencies are usually posted on the blog or even sent to your email in the form of a newsletter.
  • A very important thing for investors and members of the cryptocurrency community is to follow the news about new cryptocurrencies and trends on social networks. You can register in forums about blockchain technology and find bloggers or experienced traders who run info channels about crypto projects. All those who actively earn from coins and tokens are always aware of the latest news.

If you search for new crypto coins and use any of the platforms mentioned in the first points, you need to look for an ICO/IDO calendar or page with upcoming crypto projects. This way you can see how soon each event will start and what the goal is for a specific crypto project.

How often are new coins and tokens launched?

Different coins and tokens appear quite frequently, almost every few days. But an important characteristic is whether and how actively this crypto is traded. In fact, several assets may appear on the same day. That’s why you need to be able to search for promising new coins.

Is it safe to invest in new tokens and coins?

Many people look for promising projects in the hope to generate a large income in the future. However, expectations are not always met, as even trends fade. Finding a hidden gem is not as difficult. To reduce the risks, you do not need to invest all your money in one asset, just spread your investments wisely.

Also note the official document, which contains info about the project’s use case, tokenomics, creators, and roadmap. Always consider the usefulness of the crypto and the specific use cases. For example, it should speed up blockchain transactions without sacrificing decentralization and security.

Remember that there are always risks associated with such investments, so be sure to allocate your funds properly and be responsible. So, if you’ve found a promising crypto and are wondering if it’s worth investing in, always read the whitelist, check out the Twitter page, get to know the development team, and keep an eye on the markets.