How to find NFT projects early

Today NFT projects appear on the market every day, and no one is surprised. Sometimes you can get lost in the variety of options. However, not every new NFT project can stay afloat and bring investors profit in the future. Of course, it’s hard to believe now, but blue chips also started out as startups, and now their owners are incredibly happy people. There is absolutely no need to regret the lost profits because there are many upcoming NFTs, from which you can make a profit in the future. You just need to learn how to look for it correctly. If you want to learn even more about NFTs – check out this ultimate guide to them by our CEO, Mykhailo Sitalo!

Today we will provide you with valuable advice on finding NFT projects early and how to properly evaluate them. If you’re new to the NFTs field, we’ll make your journey into this world even more exciting and help you understand the basics. Experienced crypto enthusiasts will also find great tips here.

What makes an NFT project successful?

Even browsing through the many places to find hidden-gem NFT, you will not be able to spot a promising option if you do not know how to search. Here is a list of points you should pay attention to first of all when looking for another new NFT project:

  • First of all, the collection should be one of the most complex in terms of rarity (percent of unique images). The more different properties a character has, the better (or there should be several characters in the collection). Most collections have only a low rate of rarity images, and more than half of the images in such collections are similar to each other and are of little value. Information about the degree of rarity of the collection should be present on the NFT project page.
  • The level of detail of the characters should exceed or be at the same point as the top NFT collections. The characters themselves should evoke positive emotions in NFTs collectors and other people. If someone sees an image and asks where to buy one, that’s a good sign! Preferably, the NFTs collection should be in 3D, it allows you to use NFTs in various creative contexts (for example, making character videos).
  • A community isn’t just the number of members on Discord or subscribers on social networks. As a rule, a community chat in Discord reflects the general vibe. If people are interested in the project, the authors, and the meanings – that’s good. If the community in Discord or social media is only interested in how to make money on resale – this is bad for the future of the new NFT project. Team members should communicate with the community (for example, in Discord).
  • Not welcome to use scams, bots, and other automated means to increase hype around the project and NFT performance. It is better to try to create a natural growth of people’s interest in the upcoming NFT collection. If part of the community becomes a famous collector or a celebrity – this is very cool!
  • Clearly defined standards, charity, and creating some unique work are good examples of NFT projects’ early values. At one time, this is exactly what distinguished the largest NFT projects of today. It’s cool when collection users get some additional features – for example, closed access to some content.

Also about the team, the project must reveal as much information about the participants as possible. It is incredibly cool when the profiles of the founders are stylized as the characters of the project. Be sure to check out all of the team members. If these artists have worked on well-known projects, that’s a definite plus.

How to find good NFT projects early?

The NFT sector is one of the most popular and fastest growing in the crypto economy right now. The problem is that it can take a lot of effort to find promising NFTs projects. Crypto-enthusiasts spend their days on marketplaces and other resources waiting for a miracle. Now we will try to highlight some tips and tools you can use to optimize your search for the most prospective NFTs.

This kind of hype in NFT tracking and analytics is due to the fact that tokens are now interesting and more community-oriented than most other things, and a thoughtful buy on the mint or marketplace can bring huge profits. This powerful combination makes the hunt for cool various projects in the NFTs field very appealing.

So, Where to start when you want to find good NFT projects? Here are some helpful hints that you should definitely consider:

  • Some NFT projects are one-offs, but many others are building their first NFT collections with more long-term or incremental income opportunities. Either way, keep a close eye on the communities you’re interested in because by doing so, you’ll be one of the first to know important information.
  • There’s a whole wave of new apps. The task of working with these apps is to find people who you think have great analytical skills in this area, and then, copy their actions. But in addition to these apps, you can go to social media to find out about interesting events and accidentally search for a new NFT project that will become a real gem.
  • Keep an eye on trends. If you find a new trend and get a free mint early on, you’re probably going to make very good money. So wherever you see the NFT project narrative becoming a trend, there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity out there. Remember that even the largest NFT projects today once started from small.

Also, you don’t need to look for upcoming NFTs giants such as blue chips. Very often you can just look for a new NFT project, and not have a firm opinion on whether you want to keep the token for a long time or try to make money right away.

Where to find the best NFT projects early?

Certainly, the main tool for finding NFT collections, projects, and artists is Twitter. Most of all NFT projects start their way on Twitter. Also, there are a lot of sites with quality and selected information, so you can safely use them. Such resources allow you to keep track of news that concerns the whole NFT sphere and help you find information about most collections.Many well-known NFT projects use whitelists to manage their giveaways. So now it is often not enough just to find cool projects at an early stage, you also need to secure a place on the whitelist if you want to get tokens from good collections at launch.

Look for NFT calendars. More than a few sites offer NFT calendars where you can view upcoming developments in the area. Check them out just in case and you’re sure to find promising NFT projects early. You can also use Gem. This is a marketplace aggregator that was recently acquired by OpenSea. Nansen is also great for search purposes.

Where to buy new NFT projects?

Of course, it’s best to shop on popular platforms, including Solanart, Rarible, SuperRare, or OpenSea. That way you can protect yourself as much as possible. To avoid becoming a victim of scammers in transactions with NFT projects, you should adhere to standard security measures and work only with verified objects of art.