How to sell music as NFT

Beginning crypto enthusiasts and people without much experience in the field of blockchain are used to the fact that NFT is mostly images, not music files. In fact, music NFT is also common on NFT marketplaces. There is also more than one NFT platform specializing exclusively in music NFT.

If you create music, you’ve probably wondered how to sell it profitably on a streaming platform or another way to make an income. Today, music as an NFT is a very popular thing in the area of crypto and blockchain, which is only gaining steam. You can sell music NFT and get great income in the form of cryptocurrency, including royalties. As you already understood, now we will talk about music NFT. We will tell you how to sell music NFTs and what NFT music marketplaces to choose.

Should I create an NFT for my music?

Of course, the music of a popular artist will sell well on any streaming platform as well as NFT music for cryptocurrency on a music NFT platform, it’s obvious. A novice musician, on the other hand, needs to consider a lot of factors:

  • How much is your audience aware of music NFTs, the crypto field, and blockchain? Your music in the form of NFT will become more popular if you already have collectors, crypto, and blockchain experts in your music and fan community. It will be much easier to sell music on the NFT marketplace or NFT platform for you.
  • You work not only with music NFTs on platforms or marketplaces but also with NFTs as digital art. Your music will be in high demand on a marketplace or music NFT platform if you take the time not only for the music but also for the visuals.
  • You are well-versed in music trends, blockchain technology, and the crypto sphere, so you are ready to try your luck and start selling your NFT music on the marketplace or platform right now.

Keep in mind that music is characterized by a unique history and ownership culture that can create asymmetric value for music NFTs on the blockchain, especially compared to other media and art on blockchain technology.

Can you sell your music as an NFT on the platform?

So, music NFTs are not limited to audio music files, singles, or album releases. Musicians can also sell other virtual or even physical goods, tickets to music events, and exclusive footage. Nevertheless, tracks and music albums as music NFTs are found most often on platforms and marketplaces nowadays. How to create NFT music and sell it on the NFT marketplace or platform if you’re a beginner?

  • You have to create a cryptocurrency wallet (ETH is most often). It must be replenished to pay a commission on most platforms today.
  • Сhoose a platform or marketplace to host your music NFTs (consider the possible file size). The choice is large, below we will present the best options.
  • Binding a music file to NFT on the marketplace is not a big deal, you will be asked to fill in a small form and upload a track (album, cover art).
  • When putting music NFTs to sell, you only need to enter the price.

To sell your NFTs on the marketplace faster, you need to tell your fans about them through social networks and other possible ways. In addition, you will earn royalties from your tokens. These royalties give you a share of the price of each sale when your NFT music is selling on the market. The royalty condition from music NFTs has great potential to streamline the copyright market.

So which NFT marketplace should I select?

To create and sell music in the form of NFT, you need to find a platform among a large number of options. Some of the best marketplaces for hosting such files are OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, Audius, and Zora.