How to view NFT in MetaMask

Even despite some critics, MetaMask is one of the most popular crypto wallets in the world. Whether you are a beginner in the field of NFT or not, the most important thing is safety. And the right wallet will help you with it. So, MetaMask is one such wallet that makes the world of NFT available to you across multiple devices. You can use this wallet in a mobile app if you download it as well as in a browser on your computer. Many experts consider the MetaMask network the perfect wallet to keep NFT and other assets.

However, there may be problems with a view your NFTs in the MetaMask network at first. If you can’t see NFTs in the MetaMask network, this can easily be solved. In fact, the inability to view NFTs in MetaMask is a very common issue encountered by token owners. Now we will quickly tell you how you can view NFTs in the MetaMask network, but first, we’ll start with the basics, so that newcomers can get the hang of MetaMask faster.

Can MetaMask keep NFTs?

Of course, you can keep tokens in MetaMask. Users who cannot properly configure MetaMask and don’t see their NFT tokens after the transaction, mistakenly assume that there are better options. MetaMask on mobile is also very convenient to use. So, MetaMask is a great option for tokens:

  • It supports NFT based on the ETH network, but can also be configured to support tokens from other networks.
  • Your NFT from the ETH network should automatically appear in MetaMask, it uses and IPFS to extract its NFT data.

But this is not always the case. You will find that some of your NFTs in different networks may not view correctly, or sometimes not view at all.

Can you add NFTs to MetaMask or MetaMask mobile?

Your NFTs are always kept in MetaMask. Adding an NFT just lets you see the token in the MetaMask network. That’s why you can only add NFTs you buy to MetaMask or MetaMask mobile app. It’s just a way to view tokens you already have in MetaMask. Trying to add an asset that you don’t own will result in an error in MetaMask, you can try and see for yourself.

Adding or importing an NFT to MetaMask is not equivalent to buying one on a marketplace like OpenSea. So, MetaMask and MetaMask mobile apps already hold assets you buy from marketplaces, whether you see them there or not. But being able to view them there is really useful.

How can you view NFT in MetaMask?

The MetaMask browser add-in does not support viewing NFTs in the ETH network, but there is a way out. You can add them as tokens (such as custom ones). The MetaMask mobile is currently the best solution. If you originally set up MetaMask from your browser, you will have to import MetaMask to your mobile using a secret phrase.

Another important thing is that users cannot view or add NFTs in the Chrome add-in, but on the desktop, users can see NFTs on the portfolio site

An Import MetaMask to mobile is very easy. Next, you need:

  • Open the mobile app and select a Wallet from the menu.
  • Go from this item in the mobile app to the NFTs section.
  • Next, you will see your NFTs, to add new ones click on the Import button.
  • To find the token address, go to the marketplace. Make sure MetaMask is connected to the marketplace.
  • Go back to your NFT details section of the marketplace page. There you will find the ID, also enter this number in the MetaMask mobile app.
  • Once the data has been entered, press the Import in the MetaMask mobile app.

If you use a browser add-in instead of the MetaMask mobile, you will need to follow a similar sequence of actions. You only need to select the Assets button in the menu, then Import token, then Custom token. Enter the address and put 0 on the Token Decimal line. That’s it!