How you can use the Naviern Web 3.0 navigation application to earn crypto rewards? Naviern navigation app is completely passive, unlike other projects that require the user’s performance or physical action to earn crypto rewards. Let’s talk about the Naviern navigation app in more detail.

What is Naviern Navigation App?

Today Naviern changes the way how people use the navigation to earn NFT assets. So, Naviern is a Web 3.0 application for navigation that allows users to get rewards through the commute. This is a quick overview of Naviern:

  • Naviern is a Web 3.0 application that determines the most appropriate route, while the user passively earns NVRN tokens.
  • With Naviern, users can get crypto rewards through navigation in various modes of transport and also walking.
  • Naviern also offers other elements that make it a great option for users who need daily navigation (such as an in-app wallet).

Right now, there are incredibly few opportunities in Web 3.0 and Game-Fi to earn crypto rewards from daily navigation, and Naviern is committed to fixing that. 

Naviern Token Economy

The number of NFT tokens gained in the Naviern Web 3.0 application depends on several things, let’s look at them in detail:

  • Transport type (each has its own ecosystem).
  • NFT level and wear.
  • The user’s energy level in the Naviern.
  • Time and distance traveled per trip.
  • The number of people using Naviern to get rewards.
  • The energy source of the vehicle.

Naviern makes it possible for drivers with electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles to earn more NVRN tokens.

Web 3.0 Navigation

Want to navigate and earn crypto? With Naviern it is very simple, just travel, do daily trips, and receive NVRN tokens. Naviern also allows users to navigate and commute in complete privacy. 

So, Naviern is an application built on the BSC network that provides a wide range of features with the ability to navigate and gain NFT easily. Now you can also complete tasks of Naviern in AlphaQuest, earn points and get NVRN tokens.