The Ethereum network becomes busier. If people want to use Ethereum, they need to pay high fees. Now there’s a way to solve it. We’re going to talk about what Optimism is, Optimism airdrop, and OP to USD cost. We provide this material for informational purposes.

What Is Optimism (OP)?

Optimism is an open-source L2 solution for Ethereum. So, Optimism’s purpose is to resolve Ethereum’s upscaling problems, which cause users to face high fees and operational delays. Even the Optimism Foundation was established to promote the development of the ecosystem.

Optimism released OP crypto tokens via an airdrop. What about Optimism (OP) to USD rate exchange? On February 3, 2023, the Optimism token (OP) rate exchange to USD was equal to 3.19. According to market information, this was the maximum OP to USD rate.

Why is Optimism So Unique?

Optimism protocol uses new technology, which reduces the cost of commissions compared to the L1 infrastructure of Ethereum. Optimism enables easy deployment of any smart contract platform and apps written in Solidity. Optimism’s Ethereum has a capacity of 200 to 2,000 operations per second.

What is part of the ecosystem? There are now more than 60 trading projects based on Optimism. For instance, Velodrome/Uniswap trading exchanges are based on Optimism. This ecosystem also pays attention to the development of projects with NFT.

How does Optimism Work?

Optimism, like other L2s for Ethereum, creates a second layer network on top of Ethereum. So, Optimism groups operations and processes some of the calculations to take the load off the main network. Ethereum, on the other hand, records the totals. This approach speeds up the project’s main Ethereum network.

How Is the Optimism Secured?

Optimism runs OVM, to provide security for Optimism, the OVM allows participants to challenge the authenticity of operations. When an operation in the Optimism network is challenged by a verifier, the entire packet is checked.

Optimism Drop Hunt (Airdrop)

The creators run an airdrop for the transition of Optimism to a new structure. This airdrop was made to gradually hand over control of Optimism to the community, so it was a great success and finished rather quickly.

Airdrop from the creators is long over, but you can still get Optimism crypto tokens for free. To get involved in the airdrop and gain free tokens, you need to complete tasks from Optimism. Now airdrop is a great chance to earn Optimism crypto without any investments. Just complete the tasks with AlphaQuest and win a retrodrop from Optimism earning crypto tokens!