StarkNet blockchain is one of the leading L2 solutions for Ethereum, based on ZK-Rollups. It runs on top of Ethereum, allowing any decentralized application to reach unlimited scale for its computations, without compromising Ethereum’s security.

If you want to know more information about this network and StarkNet airdrop, read this material to the end.

What is StarkNet Ethereum solution?

StarkNet is a permissionless ZK-Rollup, where smart contracts are written in a proprietary Cairo language. Like other similar solutions, it bundles thousands of transactions into packets and validates them. The main difference between StarkNet and its competitors is transaction processing.

In StarkNet, the use of ZK-STARK allows proof of authenticity to be sent with the transaction, and there is no period during which the transaction can be challenged. This simultaneously improves performance and reduces gas costs. The network processes about 6 million transactions a week, which is an indicator of high activity. 

Is interacting with the StarkNet possible for L1? Of course, because an important characteristic of a good L2 is the ability to interact with the L1 system.

StarkNet Airdrop: are there any risks involved?

The developers have already confirmed plans to issue a crypto token. This crypto token will play a key role in managing the ecosystem. However, you should keep in mind that everyone is now talking about a likely StarkNet token airdrop, and you need to keep an eye on official information.

Of course, you can enrich yourself through StarkNet airdrop and free crypto tokens, but it is important to take extra precautions.  

So, what are the risks when we talk about StarkNet airdrop? First of all, don’t go to fake developer sites that list information about StarkNet airdrop with free tokens. Also, be careful when interacting with a dApp as it may be compromised and you may lose money.

How to get StarkNet Airdrop?

It is expected that the developers will hold the StarkNet airdrop among community members in 2023. To reduce the likelihood of retrodrop hunters participating, no specific date will be announced. But how to become eligible for the airdrop and get free tokens? To start using this network you need to:

  • Install the Argent X wallet as a browser extension and register with it.
  • Open the StarkGate cross-chain bridge and transfer ETH from the Ethereum network or one of the available L2 (this requires connecting Agent X and MetaMask wallets simultaneously).
  • Connect Agent X to any of the available DeFi or NFT applications and make transactions there, confirming them in the wallet and paying commissions in ETH.

For a chance to win a retrodrop from StarkNet, simply complete tasks on AlphaQuest! Also, stay tuned for more news about StarkNet airdrop from StarkWare.