The AlphaGuilty Ambassador Program: Building a Community Together

With the launch of the AlphaGuilty Ambassador Program, we are taking a significant step forward in building a strong community of users that are passionate about our project’s mission and goals.

The Ambassador Program is designed to provide an opportunity for passionate individuals to work closely with our project and become a part of our growing community. Ambassadors will be tasked with helping us to create unique content, promote our project, share knowledge about our platform, and provide valuable feedback based on user needs to help shape our project’s direction. In return, ambassadors will receive various rewards for their contributions and maybe even full-time jobs.

Our goals with the Ambassador Program are to drive organic community growth. We aim to move from a centralized model to a decentralized one where the power users become our evangelists. We also want to increase brand awareness with ambassador outreach and drive new users and clients to AlphaQuest.

The Ambassador Program has specific criteria for selecting its ambassadors, such as passion to create quality content for the crypto industry, strong  communication skills, an active social media presence, and a strong understanding of AlphaGuilty products, mission, and goals. Additional qualifications such as contacts in different crypto project communities, experience in community management, and influencer marketing are optional but can be an added advantage.

There will be three directions to manage the Ambassador Program: Marketing, Product, and Bisdev. The Marketing ambassadors will be responsible for building and managing the project’s community, creating a lot of content aimed at retention and growth of our community, and working closely with our team. The Product ambassadors will take the lead in supporting our diverse international and multilingual community by facilitating translations of official AlphaGuilty information, creating new chats, organizing language-specific AMAs, video content, and community events. The Bisdev ambassadors will reach out to crypto projects with an offer to be listed in AlphaQuest managed by the business development department.

Ambassadors will be asked to provide feedback and suggestions to our team on how to improve the project. They will be expected to communicate the concerns and needs of the community back to us to help shape the platform’s direction.

Ambassadors will receive USDT (tokens) as a reward for their contributions to the project or equivalent in AQ tokens, along with other rewards such as project-branded swag, NFTs, and early access to information. 

Here is some examples of our tasks for ambassadors with rewards: 

  • Create an article on how to earn in WEB 3.0 – 15-25 USDT or AQ token equivalent
  • Topic-specific Podcast episode w/guests – 50 USDT or AG token equivalent
  • Сreate a meme about AlphaGuilty/AlphaQuest – 5 USDT or AG token equivalent 
  • AMA/twitter space Organization – 75 USDT or AG token equivalent 
  • Translate article on your language – 10 USDT or AG token equivalent
  • Specific Twitter post – 5 USDT or AG token equivalent

In our Notion, you can see the entire list of tasks and rewards for them – Notion.

All tasks will be updated once a month. We also plan to listen to the feedback from the Ambassadors and adjust tasks based on their feedback.

To apply for participation in the Ambassador Program fill out this form.

In conclusion, the AlphaGuilty Ambassador Program is an excellent opportunity for individuals passionate about the crypto industry to be a part of a growing community and help shape the direction of our platform. We believe that our ambassadors will play a significant role in driving organic community growth and increasing brand awareness. Together, we can build a strong community of users that believe in our mission and goals.