NFT roadmap

Nowadays NFTs have become one of the hottest topics on social media platforms, and it is not surprising at all. Now there are quite a few people who believe that it is a waste of money and many enthusiasts see tokens as a profitable investment in the future. The popularity of NFTs has risen particularly sharply in recent months. The rapid rise in the price of rare tokens is fueled not only by great demand but also by a shortage of supply that can be purposefully controlled by the creators themselves. If you want to learn even more about NFTs – check out this ultimate guide to them by our CEO, Mykhailo Sitalo!

That is why every advanced user tries to understand NFTs thoroughly, and it is not a wonder that new projects appear more and more often. Today we’re going to talk to you about the NFT roadmap and why it’s so useful to your development. This material will be useful both for beginners who only comprehend the basics of the world of crypto and NFT holders. You’ve probably heard of the NFT roadmap before, and most likely seen it, but just haven’t delved into the subject further.

Starting with the main definition

In general terms, the NFT roadmap is a file with development for an NFT project. It indicates achievable points, and the main steps with milestones, and gives a clear vision of what needs to be achieved and what needs to be done for that. In simple words, it is a visualization of the strategic development plan of a particular NFT project. Of course, the best NFT roadmap helps develop much faster and easier, because it attracts the attention of investors.

Even though an NFT roadmap is not a mandatory attribute, many teams and creators strive to make one and present it to collectors. And it’s all well and good when the NFT roadmap is approached responsibly, but there are also reverse situations when these outlines are deliberately misleading, telling about the bright future of the NFT project when nothing like that is planned. This is why many holders treat the NFT roadmap ambiguously and with a certain amount of skepticism.

What does the NFT roadmap sample consist of?

A properly written NFT roadmap is immediately obvious, even to an inexperienced user. It usually contains milestones, marketing, and development plans. It is an ideal tool for investors to decide if your NFT project is worth consideration. Speaking generally, the following points make for a good and clear roadmap for users:

  • Provide clear and achievable targets with release dates. If you give the overall direction of your NFT project one fuzzy phrase, you won’t see sales any time soon. Collectors like to see transparent and achievable goals, and it’s in your best interest.
  • Showing possibilities in growth. Ideally, the NFT project should be something special compared to another collection. If you’re a creator, don’t forget to include in the NFT roadmap information, which shows progress. There should be everything that gives your case depth and added value in the eyes of a potential holder.
  • Availability of rewarding methods. Bonuses, giveaways, and gifts must be used for your purposes and be spelled out in the roadmap. That way community members clearly understand what they receive in return for their cooperation. Be sure to include all the benefits for holders from working with you.

Also, a proper NFT roadmap should help in building a community (the utility of the project). The community is probably one of the most special utilities to pay attention to. For example, amazing fan clubs have been created around popular collections, showing the power behind these ideas. This allows you to communicate and develop your concepts. This is the utility that is created organically by project participants.

Looking at crypto roadmap ideas

A good example here, of course, would be the percentage scheme. In this NFT roadmap, all project stages are executed depending on the performance of the previous ones: the next goal can only be achieved if the desired percentage of sales is achieved. It’s better suited for NFT transparency projects that already have a history of success or a cohesive and active audience.

There is also a good time-based option. Here you execute your plan according to the schedule, regardless of the project results achieved so far, so it is considered a more reliable variant (especially if you are a beginner).

As an example of a good NFT roadmap, you can use Azuki. this mindmap uses phrases and you can click on them to see the status and more information about how each stage is progressing.

The next great example is Rebel Rabbits. It demonstrates the monthly version broken down into early and late periods to show when to expect releases.

How to identify a good NFT roadmap

Creating a good version by yourself will take a lot of time, so if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better not to waste time and ask a pro. Nevertheless, a good NFT roadmap is immediately evident. Let’s say right away that it is very important to use images, icons, and other creative visual elements to make your map more effective and memorable. Also, avoid long and complicated reasoning. Don’t forget to be clear and include a warning that the map is subject to change.