Trust Wallet vs MetaMask: the difference, advantages and downsides

If you’re in trouble choosing a perfect crypto wallet for start, we are here to help you compare the two most popular services. Trust Wallet and MetaMask are easy-to-use virtual wallets for storing, sending and receiving digital currencies, but with their own unique aspects. Find out which one suits you better!

What is Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a very accessible and secure wallet with a user-friendly interface. Registration usually takes up a few minutes. Trust Wallet is open-source, so its developers usually fix any issues quite quickly.

Trust Wallet gives access to 4,5 million (!) kinds of digital assets on more than 60 blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, and blockchains used by various dapps and games. It also offers features like staking and token swap.

What is MetaMask

MetaMask is an easy-to-use Ethereum wallet, designed for those who have never used any crypto wallet before. Creating a MetaMask wallet also takes a few minutes. Note that during the registration you will get a secret phrase — save it, as it is the only key to restore your password.

MetaMask has a mobile app, and is also compatible with web browsers like Brave and Chrome, allowing users to connect their wallets to various blockchain games. MetaMask supports all tokens on the ERC20 blockchain, so it can store only tokens based on the Ethereum network. It is equipped with an inbuilt token swap feature, too.

Let’s compare!

Summing it all up

Trust Wallet and MetaMask are simple crypto wallets which will perfectly suit beginners. They have similar fundamental functionality, but are different in some aspects that make them unique. MetaMask is more focused on having a modern user interface, while Trust Wallet is more of a simple wallet with a robust API.

Both of them are hot wallets (connected to the internet), which makes them not very suitable for long-time storage of large amounts of cryptocurrency. When selecting your first wallet, first think of the currencies you will use and the preferable device to set the wallet on. As for other things, you will easily get used to them during your crypto experience!