vEmpire: “DeFi makes investors fall down the crypto rabbit hole!”

This week we had a talk with our partner vEmpire, the first investment protocol with a staking platform for earning on metaverse tokens. The team told about its vision and future of DeFi, and explained current problems of DeFi adoption by traditional investors.

1) How, do you think, is DeFi transforming the world?

DeFi is replacing many of the current outdated processes and bringing in a decentralized and democratized financial ecosystem.

2) Do you think DeFi has changed investors’ skeptical perception of cryptocurrency?

For sure, it’s definitely a turning point for traditional investors who’ve only heard of BTC. Once they find out about the use cases for DeFI, they then fall down the crypto rabbit hole!

3) Will there be more investments in DeFI from traditional players?

We believe so, but the ignition that’ll fuel this is likely regulation.

4) What issues do traditional investors find the most challenging in DeFi?

People are always sceptical about new technology, especially if it seems too good to be true. People need to understand stablecoins, gas fees, leverage and more which takes time, and therefore they don’t invest and move on.

5) How can DeFi contribute to the global economy?

DeFI puts the community first, and aren’t controlled by governments or organisations. Which in turn will make DeFi more accessible for users around the world.

The team of vEmpire is quite optimistic about DeFi and its future, because they understand its real potential and advantages. Let’s thank vEmpire for this conversation!