One of the most admired and safe cryptocurrency wallets based on the ETH network is MetaMask. This platform is now additionally offered as a browser extension and an app. for mobile devices. This application is made to store and make transfers with assets such as NFTs and cryptocurrency generated on ETH, along with other comparable blockchains.

Talking about MetaMask.

The following is a free cryptocurrency wallet made to store crypto, conduct transactions, and communicate with ETH applications. To put it another way, MetaMask enables users to maintain their keys and then safely access apps and web resources via dApps that are built on ETH.

What is the functioning principle of MetaMask?

As mentioned earlier, it is based on the ETH network, and is a reliable and secure tool with a flawless UI and a simple transaction process. With this wallet, managing keys for each transaction is not necessary. When a secure payment is made, it will ask for your approval and sign every transaction.

Bitcoin is supported by this wallet, although not in the same sense that an exchange wallet does. Since BTC is not an ERC-20 token, MetaMask wallet cannot directly accept the most widely used cryptocurrency.

Advantages and downsides of MetaMask.

The app offers a lot of obvious benefits, including a reputable creator, a huge selection of crypto, assistance services, extra features, and others. Furthermore, since this wallet is non-custodial, its creators do not keep records of its users’ keys. 

How about an impending airdrop? The owning company has previously said that a token would be released. There is no other information on airdrop accessible, though. At the moment, you only need to join AlphaQuest and do the easy tasks on the list to be eligible to win a retrodrop!